Current methods of engagement

  • Crisis teams
  • School nurse
  • School social worker

Connecting with youth and young adults/Creating a safe space where young people will ask for help

  • Starting/initiating the conversation
    • Communication strategies: Strength-based vs. Punitive, Motivational Interviewing
    • Develop a trusting relationship so the student is not afraid to share
    • Encourage open and honest bidirectional feedback
    • Discussion of the core concepts and goals of the icanhelp program
    • Non-verbal cues
    • Connection to the youth’s world (e.g., social networks, texting)
  • Working within the parameters of your licensure
  • Mandated reporting
  • Building and understanding cultural sensitivity and diversity for the community
  • Biases
  • School and other institution policies
  • Risk/Protective factors

ICH YouTube Channel on Engagement. This channel cycles through the videos.